John Bolton

John Bolton

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Even NYTimes Analysis Admits Tax Increases on the Wealthy Won't Pay for Democrat Spending

You could never raise taxes on the rich high enough to pay for all Democrats giveaways!

An interesting article in the New York Times analyzes how much money tax increases on the wealthy could bring in to fund federal programs. While the article is very "rah-rah" for tax increases, even large increases on the rich wouldn't be enough to pay off the current federal deficit let alone the new spending that Democrat presidential candidates are proposing.

As a side note, Democrats are always talking about income inequality. The rich are getting richer while the rest of us are getting hosed. Very true. Under Obama's economic stewardship the rich have been getting richer. Nothing to do with Republicans.

My solution? I might not object to a modest increase in taxes for people at the very top. But only if that was paired with equal cuts in spending. Democrats always talk about fairness and my proposal is fair. But you can bet they would never agree to it. In the end Democrats don't care if we actually pay for the programs they demand. It's much easier for them to demagogue the rich while demanding more and more spending!

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