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John Bolton

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

How to Scare a Liberal This Halloween: Make Them Read Mike's America!

Plus, the classic Hillary Halloween video. A Mike's America production!

There's one sure way to make sure no left wingers trick or treat at your house tonight. Open the following link and print out the photo and paste on your door. It will drive those redistributionist, socialist freaks away screaming!

And if you want to scare your conservative friends, cue up this Mike's America favorite from 2007:

SCARY! Listen to that anger. I thought that was verbotten...
Oh, never mind, that's only applied to Republicans!

File this under the category "everything old is new again." Vampires used to be all the range. Now, zombies are back in. Here's a classic from Bob Hope and it's so true!

And here's a cartoon that nails liberals at Halloween:

Don't get too scared by the liberals. Help is on the way a year from now!

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