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Thursday, November 05, 2015

2015 Off Year Election Proves Tea Party, Anti-Establisment Wave is Still Rolling

Apparently the voters haven't read all those stories saying the Tea Party was dead!

Ever since the first GOP wave in 2010 anxious mainstream reporters and talking heads have been predicting the demise of the Tea Party. The same wave struck again in 2014. And that wave would have swamped Obama in 2012 if Romney had had a better campaign plan. That didn't stop the pundits this year repeating the same mantra that the Tea Party was over.

Then, the off year 2015 election turned that all on it's head. Here's the headline from the Washington Post: "From coast to coast, conservatives score huge victories in off-year elections." The biggest surprise was a huge come from behind win for Matt Bevin, a Tea Party novice who bumped off the Democrat Attorney General to become one of the few Republican governors elected in the state of Kentucky over the last 40 years.

Kentucky Lt. Gov-elect Jenean Hampton
Another Tea Party victory!
I can hear our liberal friends saying Bevin's win was no big deal. After all, it's a state where Obama is deeply unpopular. Mitt Romney won the state in 2012 by nearly 23 points. So, it's just a bunch of Tea Party racists right? Meet Jenean Hampton, the Lt. Governor-elect of Kentucky. Like Bevin, Hampton is a newcomer to politics, a Tea Party activist and now the first black elected statewide in Kentucky.

Take that racebaiters!

The monster wave of 2014 which swept Democrats from power at the state level has not abated. Those gains are still solid and growing as in the case of Kentucky.

As the article in the Washington Post concludes: "Obama is toxic." Tying him to Democrats running in the 2016 election will be just as sure to generate similar results. If the GOP wants to win, they need a more effective ground game and a message that dares to embrace their conservative roots!

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