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Friday, November 06, 2015

Finally Found it! Document Showing Hillary Clinton's Signature Acknowledging Responsibility on Classified Emails

But like most things in Obamaland, does the law apply to Dems?

If there was any question that Hillary Clinton was unaware of her responsibility as Secretary of State to protect classified information that question has been answered by the following document she signed shortly after assuming office:
, 'I have been advised that any unauthorized disclosure of SCI by me may constitute violations of United States criminal laws, including provisions of Sections 793, 794, 796, and 952, Title 18, United States Code; and of Section 783(b), Title 50, United States Code.'...'Nothing in this Agreement constitutes a waiver by the United States of the right to prosecute me for any statutory violations.'
Here's the document:

But when it comes to prosecution, who would do it? Minor officials get put in jail for less but we're talking about the Obama Administration  which shows a contempt for law unless it suits their political agenda!

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