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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Residents of Roseburg Oregon Object to Obama "Campaign Stop" Visit Politicizing Shooting Tragedy

He's not welcome but he's going anyway. Way to intrude on the communities grief!

Most experts agree that there is not one new gun law that would have prevented the mass shooting tragedy in Roseburg Oregon last week. But that won't stop Obama from advancing a left wing anti-gun agenda even during a visit to the town where residents wish he would stay away.

The Publisher of the local Roseburg Beacon said Obama's visit would be “a campaign stop for agenda to take away American citizen’s right to own firearms.” Roseburg is very pro-Second Amendment and the Douglas County Sheriff has declared he will not enforce any unconstitutional gun grabs by Obama. Even one of the mother's of a shooting victim declared that she wished her daughter had been armed that day. As this report in the Los Angeles Times makes clear residents of Roseburg want no part of Obama's gun grabbing agenda.

Of course none of that will stop Obama. And it hardly matters to him whether his proposed solutions would actually halt gun violence. He's motivated more by politics and power than achievement.

Will Obama Denounce Anti-Christian violence?

Meanwhile, has Obama said one word about the anti-Christian hatred which apparently motivated the shooter? If so, I missed it. But you could not have missed Obama pointing out historic Christian wrongs on multiple occasions. One wonders if his overheated rhetoric (which he is so quick to denounce in others) contributed to this tragedy?

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