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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Was That a Democrat Debate or a Socialist Love Fest?

What a perfect illustration of how corrupt and out of touch Democrat candidates are with mainstream America!

Tuesday's Democrat debate was a snooze fest. It's no surprise that it got nine million fewer viewers than the GOP debate or that CBS's crime drama NCIS got more viewers. Stunning record numbers for the GOP debates are proof that Americans are clamoring for some real answers. Instead, Democrats on the debate stage in Las Vegas on Tuesday went out of their way to outpander the other candidates and see who could promise the most goodies and offer the fewest real solutions to the problems confronting mainstream America.

Outside of the usual Robin Hood take from the rich and  give to the poor Democrat playbook, candidates didn't come up with any new ideas to grow the economy. Instead, they seemed eager to do all they could to punish job creators and slow the economy in the same way Obama has done these past six and a half years.

There was little mention of national security and foreign policy with candidates like Bernie Sanders suggesting that global warming was a bigger threat than Russia or ISIS. When asked to name their enemies, the candidates all listed Americans as their target. Not one suggested ISIS or Russia.

All Hail Hillary!

But as Forrest Gump said "stupid is as stupid does" so that part of the snooze-a-thon didn't surprise me. What did surprise me was the announced policy of the moderator Anderson Cooper to avoid provoking any kind of confrontation between the candidates. Could it be that the moderator, himself a former member of the Clinton Global Initiative wanted to make things as smooth as possible for Hillary?

Even more surprising was the lack of any real effort by other candidates to attack Hillary, the frontrunner. Have they realized they stand no chance of winning the nomination and are just here for show? Bernie Sanders, Hillary's chief challenger went further by saying he didn't want to talk about Hillary's email problem. That view may be popular  inside Democrat circles but Middle America wants to know what Hillary is hiding and why she has repeatedly lied about her email.

Oh, and should I point out that all the candidates were white? The GOP debate had not just a woman, but two Hispanics a black man and an Indian. The GOP is the real party of diversity when it counts!

The funny thing about this debate is how the candidates complained about how our capitalist system was rigged in favor of the big guys while this debate was clearly rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. And CNN willingly participated in that. Hillary is the crowned queen of Democrat crony capitialists. Screw the little guy!

We didn't learn anything new from Democrats on Tuesday. We already knew that they will say anything and promise anything to get elected. And from the weak ratings it would appear that Middle America knows this too. A debate rigged in favor of Hillary may not be enough to save her!

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