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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Attempt to Smear Ben Carson as a Fabulist Fizzles as Truth Comes Out. The MEDIA Lied!

If only the same media would vet Obama as thoroughly as Carson!

The same media types who didn't think Obama's background, college transcripts or associations with dubious left wing characters like Bill Ayers was newsworthy spent the last week trying to take down GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson. The same people who didn't think it was newsworthy that Hillary Clinton lied to the nation about a You Tube video being to blame for the Benghazi attack seemed to think it was important what Ben Carson did or said 50 years ago.

The problem is, that they didn't do a very good job actually investigating Carson's story. First there was Politico, which ran a story accusing Carson of "fabricating" a story about admission to West Point. Only later did Politico backtrack. Now it's clear their article mislead on what Carson actually said and the facts.

At CBS News Jan Crawford reports a story questioning Ben Carson's claiming that he stabbed another child turns out to have backup after all. And then there's West Point and the prank: (video):
CRAWFORD: A CNN report last week found no evidence the incident occurred. But in a 1997 interview with Parade magazine Carson's mother said, "Oh, that really happened." Carson has provided corroboration for part of his story. West Point recruiting material that mentions scholarships, and PolitiFact rates his claim "mostly true." The Wall Street Journal is questioning one of Carson's anecdotes about a time he said he was pranked at Yale, but last night, BuzzFeed backed Carson's account. It found a student there at the time who said it happened.
Here's the problem. The Smear Carson media didn't bother to really investigate these claims. They wanted them to be false because that fit their narrative attacking Carson's character as an honest man. In the same way they didn't investigate Obama's past or associations because they did not want to overturn the positive narrative they had written about him. As usual, these reporters allowed their prejudices to get the better of them. And not for the first time, their bias has been exposed!

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