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Monday, November 09, 2015

Contrast with Hyperventilating Left Wingers: 18 Year Old New Zealand Boy w/ Aggressive Cancer Delivers Graduation Speech Showing Best Side of Human Nature

He may not live long enough to go to university and have his mind warped!

I wasn't going to comment on this post or the one below but the contrast was so clear it begged for a wider audience.

On the one hand below we have pampered students at Yale University, one of America's most elite institutions of higher learning, becoming rabidly hysterical because a faculty member dared to suggest they shouldn't get upset about what they perceive to be an offensive Halloween costume. Then this story of an 18 year old boy in New Zealand recently diagnosed with an aggressive, usually terminal cancer. Jake came to graduation from his hospital bed. Listen to his message to his fellow students. If you don't get a tear in your eye you're not human:

Jake's entire speech is here. The video above begins a loop as Jake's classmates do him the honor of performing the haka, a native warriors dance in New Zealand. Here's the rest of that clip. Watch it too...

If a boy facing the very worst life can throw at him can speak with such dignity and grace then there truly is hope for today's youth. The pampered pets at Yale screaming about the offense of an imaginary Halloween costume should see this. They would be ashamed. Or perhaps not. Their pathetic behavior is beyond shameful!

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