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Friday, November 13, 2015

Strict Gun Control Laws Didn't Stop Terrorist Attacks in Paris

UPDATE: Obama on Friday morning: ISIS not getting stronger "we have contained them." What a FOOL!

Are we now ready to admit that threat from ISIS and Islamic terrorism is NOT limited to the Middle East?

Early news yet but reports are that dozens are dead in attacks across Paris by shooting and explosions. Hostages are also being held. This despite France's strict gun control laws which one writer said "Owning firearms in France and using them for sport, hunting, and self-defense makes New York City laws look tame in comparison "

This latest attack falls on top of the carnage from the Charlie Hebdo attacks where a dozen innocent people were killed.

Some left wing commenters here at Mike's America and elsewhere have insisted that ISIS and Islamic terrorists pose no great threat to the West. The bodies are piling up. Will this spark a realization that Obama's leadership in anti-terrorism has failed or will we wait until the scenes being played out in Paris are seen on the streets of New York and Washington?

Will Obama blame this on a You Tube video? I thought he had terrorists "on the run." Yeah, on the run after us!

UPDATE: Obama Speaks! He promised to help bring the terrorists responsible for the carnage in Paris "to justice." Oh, THAT will help! At least he didn't call this another episode of "workplace violence" as he did the Fort Hood shooting. But his record of bringing terrorists to justice isn't so good. Only ONE of the Benghazi attackers was captured and the Boko Harem gang which kidnapped hundreds of Nigerian girls are still at large despite First Lady Michelle Obama's tweet! Feckless, weak and worthless. Weakness invites terrorism!

UPDATE: What link do terrorists have to Syrian refugees flooding Europe? How many Syrians will be admitted to the United States?

REMINDER: Where was Obama? Golf date?

World leaders led the march of millions in Paris marking solidarity against terrorism
in the wake of Charlie Hebdo shootings in January. Notice who is NOT there?
The world is crying out for leadership in the war on terror and Obama is AWOL!

UPDATE: Obama plans to accelerate bringing Syrian refugees to the United States. Expects to exceed original 10,000 estimate for 2016. And no, they will NOT be able to screen them for radical ties. Plan your terrorist insurance needs accordingly. Thanks Obama!

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