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John Bolton

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Report: FBI Expanding Investigation of Hillary Classified Emails Probe. It's Time for a Special Prosecutor!

Does anyone believe the Obama Justice Department will handle this investigation blind to it's political implications?

According to this report, the FBI is expanding it's investigation of Hillary's classified email problem. Now, the Bureau is doing it's own review of what constitutes classified information but is also looking to see whether statements made by Hillary, her associates or attorneys were deliberately misleading, which is also a violation of law. Despite an effort by Hillary supporters to spin the course of the investigation (1,2) or facts surrounding emails there is nothing to indicate she may be cleared. Just the opposite.

It's past time that this matter was referred to a Special Prosecutor who is not an Obama political appointee as are those who run the Department of Justice.

If any Republican were involved in a similar scandal it's likely they would have been forced to resign from office or quite as a candidate for office. And there most certainly would be an appointment of a Special Prosecutor.

But we're living in the Obama era where rules only apply to Republicans and anything goes when it comes to Democrats!

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