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John Bolton

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

War on Women: Hillary Clinton Laughs About Violent Threat Directed at GOP Woman

No surprise since she was the chief in charge of attacking Bill's Bimbos!

Man at Hillary event talking about Carly Fiorina: "Every time I see her on TV 
I want to reach through and strangle her." Hillary Clinton laughs.

OK, I know it was a joke. The man wasn't serious. But I can tell you that if ANY GOP candidate laughed when someone attending one of their events said the same thing about Hillary three things would happen:

  1. The Secret Service would be knocking on the door of the person who said it investigating a threat to the former First Lady.
  2. Hillary Clinton would point to the video and say it's proof that the GOP is waging a war on women and all women need to fear for their safety.
  3. The liberal media would go to every candidate and demand they denounce the candidate who laughed and ask accusatory questions of all the candidates designed to reinforce Hillary's claim of a GOP war on women.
Just like when Obama demands civility from his critics yet goes on to toss countless insults their way this is further proof of the Dem's hypocrisy on these issues and media bias that refuses to hold Democrat officials to the same standards they demand of Republicans!

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