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Saturday, December 05, 2015

Attorney General "Greatest Fear" Isn't a Terror Attack Killing Americans But Anti Muslim Backlash

Meanwhile, Obama isn't focused on national security but photo ops promoting gun control agenda!

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch spoke at a dinner for Muslim Advocates on Thursday. She never mentioned the massacre in California. Instead, while she said she "is sworn to the protection of all of the American people," her focus at this event was on how much she was doing to protect Muslims from discrimination or violence. Nothing about combating radical Islam. Not. One. Word!

In response to a question about an anti Muslim backlash Lynch responded such backlash was her "greatest fear."

And Obama, who still hasn't been able to call the attack in California an act of terror, let alone one perpetrated by radical Muslims, was busy doing what? Meeting with former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords to discuss gun control. No doubt fundraisers and a late fall golf outing are next on his schedule!

Do you get the impression that Obama cares more about protecting the Muslim community here and overseas than he does about protecting the American people? My "greatest fear" is that more Americans will die because of his dangerously deluded leadership!

UPDATE: Obama Weekly Address:  All about gun control which would not have stopped the attack!

Again, whose side is he on?

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