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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Someone Tell Obama: CA Massacre Nothing to do with Climate Change or Gun Control. Everything to do with Islam.

We can't solve this problem until we are honest about the real cause!

In 2009 Major Nidal Hasan killed 13 soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas. The Obama Administration labeled it "workplace violence" and continued to fight against giving Purple Hearts to the surviving wounded. The Administration refused to label this an example of Islamic terrorism despite Hasan yelling "Allahu Akbar" as he fired.

Then, Obama labeled the would be Christmas bomber in 2009  an "isolated extremist." Obama referred to the Chattanooga shooter who killed four Marines in July 2015 as a "lone gunman."

Recently we learn that there have been 71 arrests of ISIS sympathizers in the United States.

In every case the Obama Administration has attempted to downplay any link to terrorism or to Islam. Operating from perhaps the deluded idea that calling it Islamic terrorism would insult moderate Muslims, the continued refusal to link Islam with terrorism means it's more difficult to encourage those moderate Muslims to step forward. But even when moderate Muslim leaders step forward, they find little support from Obama. Egypt's Al-Sisi called for a revolution within Islam to defeat the radicals. Nothing but silence from the White House.

Islamic Radicalism, Not Lack of Gun Control The Source of California Massacre

In every case cited above the one unifying factor is the link to radical Islam. The same goes for the California killers. Early reports suggest shock that someone who co-workers found to be a decent young man "living the American dream," could become a mass murderer. But reports are coming out which suggest the shooter Syed Farook did become radicalized and had contact with known terrorists.

Meanwhile, back in Washington the delusion game continued as Obama said:
“It is possible that this is terrorist-related, but we don’t know; it is also possible this was workplace-related,” Obama said, adding, “we don’t know why they did it.”

Obama added that it was important to understand the “nature of the workplace relationship” between the individuals to fully understand the attacks, raising the possibility that it could be “mixed motives” for the attacks.
Islamic Bomb Factory. More Attacks Planned or Workplace Violence?

Obama's immediate go to response wasn't to blame radical Islam but to call for more gun control. Always ready to inject politics into a tragedy Obama seems oblivious to the fact that the Paris terrorist shooters did so in a country with incredibly strict gun laws. Also, the California shooters deployed pipe bombs. Not your typical episode of workplace violence but a coordinated, well planned attack. A dozen pipe bombs were found at the killer's home. Did they learn how to manufacture these bombs from terrorist web sites?

Neighbors who thought large numbers of Muslim men visiting the home and late night activity in the garage suspicious were fearful to speak out lest they be accused of racism. Once again, political correctness KILLS!

Operating a bomb factory and staging a well planned massacre are not the hallmarks of workplace violence but of Islamic terrorism. Obama's continued refusal to see it as such and using the attack to promote his political agenda is further proof that we have a leader who does not understand the problem and cannot lead an effective campaign to counter it. How many more will die before this deluded fool leaves office?

P.S. In case anyone thinks Obama is telling the truth when he claims mass shootings don't happen with the frequency they do in the U.S., some facts. Not that it will matter to Obama. His lie serves his political agenda in the same way he lies about global warming.

UPDATE: Shooter claimed Islam was "religion of peace" days before killing 14.
UPDATE: Female shooter passed Homeland Security screening for visa. So much for Obama's promises about vetting Syrian refugees!
UPDATE: Shooters began erasing digital fingerprints, destroying hard drives etc. to hide their tracks. But don't call it terrorism. Perhaps they were working for the IRS!
UPDATE: The Obama gun grabbers want to ban those on terrorist watch lists from being able to buy guns. Sounds fine, except those lists are notorious for including innocent people and the CA shooters were not on them anyway. Once again, it's not the gun, but ISLAM that is the problem!

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