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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Where is the Media That Dissects Trump And Every GOP Candidate on Obama's Miami Fish Story?

Surely whoppers told by a sitting President are as newsworthy as questionable statements by mere candidates?

No, strike that. I forgot. The media reports anything Obama says with little interest in it's veracity. No Republican would ever get away with those whoppers!

Rather than deal with the immediate threat of ISIS terrorism Obama said this in Paris at the climate conference: ""I think that as the science around climate change is more accepted, as people start realizing that even today you can put a price on the damage that climate change is doing -- you know, you go down to Miami and when it's flooding at high tide on a sunny day and fish are swimming through the middle of the streets."

Put aside the rest of the lies he's told about climate change despite the fact that this hurricane season and the NINE BEFORE have been among the calmest in a decade with NO STORMS hitting the U.S. Or the fact that Obama insisted, without ANY factual basis that without his carbon tax plan there would be “submerged countries, abandoned cities, fields that no longer grow.” Or the myriad of other lies that have been told about climate change (the North Pole is still there, Santa is safe!).

Obama's new whopper on fish in the streets of Miami were too much even for the liberal Miami Herald newspaper:
While Miami Beach has certainly suffered from sunny-day floods during high tides, recent reports about fish swimming in the street have come from further north in Broward County and are far from widespread. No one's pulling out their fishing rods on the road.  WSVN-FOX 7 reported in September that a mullet was spotted swimming in Fort Lauderdale. A member of the Miami Herald and WLRN radio's Public Insight Network reported in October that she saw fish in the streets of Hollywood during a king tide.
So, one fish in Fort Lauderdale is grounds for Obama to handicap the U.S. economy!

And let's get this straight. High tides, which are NOTHING NEW to coastal communities (I know from experience) often flood lower lying areas. Perhaps a fish or two was spotted, but not in Miami.

Meanwhile, the media beats up on Trump for suggesting that Muslims celebrated the 9/11 attacks even though the Washington Post reported it happening in the United States and video shows Muslims dancing in the streets overseas on 9/11.

But fact checking Obama has never been something the left wing media has taken seriously. Far better to quibble over what any Republican said than a sitting President who happens to be a Democrat. You would almost think reporters are racist and just don't hold Obama to the same standard as the white guys!

Meanwhile, Obama in Paris agrees that the U.S. will continue to restrict carbon, despite the high cost to the economy, but China, the biggest carbon emitter, will not be bound by anything more than voluntary commitments beginning 15 years from now.  And more than anything else, nothing Obama is doing will have the slightest impact on climate:
Moreover, nothing that emerges from Paris will have a discernible effect on world temperatures. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology studied the INDCs that have been released so far and concluded that temperatures in 2100 will rise 3.7 degrees Celsius if they are followed to the letter. Then again, these are the same scientific models that predicted much higher temperatures than we’ve had.
Let's not forget that the basic underlying data for this global warming scam is a total FRAUD

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