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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Echoes of John Bohener: Donald Trump Admits We Need to "Get to be a Little Establishment," and "Make Deals" with Dems

Trump gives clearest warning yet that he would not govern as a conservative if elected!

The GOP establishment told voters in 2010 that if we just gave them control of the House of Representatives they would stop Obama. In 2014 they said if we would give them control of the Senate they would stop Obama. In both cases, they not only failed to stop Obama they continued to give in to nearly everything Obama demanded.

Now we're told that if we elect a Republican President we can finally turn the tide. Really? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Fool me a third time?

Donald Trump visited Las Vegas on Thursday and talked about the establishment:

"We've got to get along with people."

TRUMP: And you know what, there’s a point at which, let’s get to be a little bit establishment, because we gotta get things done, folks, okay? Believe me, don’t worry, we’re gonna get such great deals, but at a certain point, you can’t be so strident, you can’t not get along, we gotta get along with people.
"We got to get along with people." Sound familiar? The old "go along to get along" call of the GOP establishment!

Despite the fact they failed to achieve their stated goals, at least Boehner, Ryan and McConnell express a set of core conservative principles. But does Trump share those principles or express any consistent set of beliefs other than promising to "make great deals?" Can you take that to the bank?

I just wonder how some of the same Trump supporters who condemned GOP deal making done by Speaker Boehner and Speaker Ryan will react to this news that Trump intends to make deals with that same establishment. How many more times do you want to be fooled?

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