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John Bolton

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bye Bye Bernie! 48 Point Clinton Blowout Win in SC Shows Not Even Dems Are Ready for a Crazy Socialist

Besides, aren't Hillary's policies far enough to the left?

A question for all the far left zealots out there (you know who you are) are you "feeling the bern" tonight? After months suggesting that American voters might be on the verge of going absolutely insane and voting for an angry uncle socialist retread from Vermont Democrat voters in South Carolina proved that Hillary Clinton is far enough to the left for them. No reason to drop off the cliff!

All that left wing la-la happy talk about Republicans for Bernie? What a laugh. He can't even win among Democrats.

With Hillary scoring a margin of victory this "YUGE" (another Bernism) her vast lead in nearly all the upcoming races can only get stronger.

Perhaps I shouldn't gloat too much. It would be far easier to defeat Bernie than to defeat Hillary despite what early matchup polls say. The Clintons have already proved they will do anything to win. I guess the outcome in November depends on whether the GOP nominee is prepared to fight fire with fire?

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