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Saturday, February 27, 2016

In South Carolina Bill Clinton Tells Marine Veteran to "Shut Up and Listen"

Imagine the hell that would break loose if the Clinton's treated a Black Lives Matter protester that way!

If you needed another example of the contempt that Democrats have for the U.S. military here it is. A man stands up at a rally a few minutes down the road from Mike's America headquarters in Bluffton, SC identifies himself as a U.S. Marine Veteran and begins to ask Bill Clinton a question. Clinton repeatedly tried to cut him off but the Marine persisted and brought up the four dead Americans in Benghazi before being removed from the event by Beaufort County Sheriff's Deputies. This may be one of the few times anyone has dared to speak truth to power and the Clintons. Watch:

Veteran: “We had four lives in Benghazi killed and your wife tried to cover it up.”
Woman: “Hillary lied over four coffins.” 

Later the veteran refused to give his name to a reporter perhaps fearing retribution from angry and violent prone liberals who are known to attack those who dare to expose the truth.

Contrast the bum's rush given to the Marine to the almost fawning white glove treatment of the Black Lives Matter protester who interrupted Hillary Clinton at a fundraiser in nearby Charleston, SC a few days earlier.

The bottom line is that Americans who put their own lives at risk to serve this country in the U.S. military get no respect from the Clintons or the Democrats. Black Lives Matter protesters who don't even understand the holocaust black gang members are inflicting on the black community get star treatment. No wonder Trump is doing so well!

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