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Saturday, March 12, 2016

21st Century Brownshirts: In Planned Violent Attack at Chicago Rally And Elsewhere Left Wing Fascists Prove They Believe Their Rights Trump Yours

They create chaos and violence then blame others. The crazy left will attack anyone who dares to disagree with them!

In Chicago on Friday evening an organized gang of left wing fascists, mainly Bernie Sanders supporters, illegal aliens and black lies matter protesters sparked a violent mob scene at an otherwise peaceful rally for Donald Trump.

Here's the highlight reel. Most of this will be ignored by major media so this may be your only chance to find out what is really happening:

Their rights to be heard Trump yours!

One of the left wing goons was identified as Jedidiah Brown, who professes to be an ordained minister and "anti-violence activist." Well, this anti-violence activist rushed the stage at the Trump rally and also assaulted Trump supporters. Here's the video:

"Anti violence activist" assaults Trump supporter.

Does that guy look like he opposes violence? And of course he blamed it all on Trump as if his own intentions to disrupt the rally had nothing to do with it!

Meanwhile assassination threats against Trump's life and that of Trump supporters grows on social media. Did these ravings inspire this flag burning, left wing activist Bernie supporter to attempt an attack on Trump in Ohio?

For years the violent left has been able to stifle free speech at colleges and universities. Conservatives are chased off campus for the sake of safety. More recently, Black Lies Matter has decided their right to be heard means they can block bridges and prevent YOU from getting to work. Violent, racist attacks like the one on an Iraq War Vet by Black Lies Matter thugs are becoming more common.

Now, the racist, violent left invades a rally for Trump supporters. It might just as well been a Cruz rally or a Kasich rally. The left has declared war on the U.S. Constitution and the rights and freedoms it protects. In doing so, they only make voices like Trump's all the stronger!

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