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Monday, March 14, 2016

Bernie Sanders Brownshirts Vandalize Home and Threaten 70 Year Old Female Trump Supporter... War on Women?

When will Sanders denounce the violence being caused by his supporters?

It's no secret that supporters of Bernie Sanders, including far left George Soros group were behind the fascist shutdown of a Trump rally in Chicago on Friday. In case you still need a clue...
Not content with sparking riots to shut down free speech during a presidential campaign the Bernie Bots are branching out committing acts of political thuggery directed at anyone who doesn't share their rabid far left views. Take for example the vandalism, theft and threats directed at 70 year old Judy Beaty who lives in a modest home in Gainesville, Virginia:

WTOP: WASHINGTON — Someone has stolen the Donald Trump signs from her yard, spray-painted her house with messages and a motorcyclist stopped to threaten her life.

But a Gainesville, Virginia, woman says that while she’s frightened and exhausted by the ordeal, she won’t be intimidated. Judy Beaty, 70, has put up more Trump yard signs.

She says she’s been told by Virginia State Police that they will provide additional security measures.

“I can’t even tell you how hard it is to deal with something like this. I feel like I’m very violated, at this point, and very threatened,” says Beaty.

She awoke Wednesday morning to find the Trump signs gone and her neat, white house spray painted with the words “revolution” and “can you see the new world through the tear gas.”

She says she would be less frightened if the incident stopped there, but the threats have continued.

“I get all these nut cases riding by here going, ‘Feel the Bern,’ ‘[Expletive] the Trump signs.’ I had one guy, yesterday, telling me I was going to die,” Beaty says.
A woman is feeling "violated and threatened." Where's Hillary Clinton? Nowhere to be found.

Left wing violence and intimidation is nothing new. Bernie Sanders' supporters obviously feel empowered to act like political thugs since their candidate blames it all on Trump and refuses to accept responsibility for the acts of his supporters. But I suppose that's to be expected from communists and fascists!

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