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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Brits May Suggest Obama Go Back to Kenya After He Sticks His Nose in Referendum on EU Membership and Threatens Trade Retaliation

Obama threatens to send Britain to the back of the bus!

With a reference to 20th Century southern segregation Obama threatened to send Britain to the "back of the queue" if that country votes to exit from the European Union in an upcoming referendum. It was an astonishing interference in the affairs of another country that would never be tolerated if the Brits did the same here. Brits are outraged!

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London and a key backer of the referendum for a British exit from the European Union (Brexit) referred to Obama's Kenyan heritage and dislike of Brits in an op-ed to explain Obama's behavior.

Meanwhile, Obama showed up at Windsor Castle for lunch with the Queen. Anything strike you are odd about the following photo? Leaving the 90 year old Monarch to get herself out of the car Obama struts for the camera.

Obama: Hey Queen, you're 90, I don't need to hold the door for you!
In another photo, the Queen can be seen riding in the car with Michelle. Want to guess what's on the Queen's mind?

Caption this photo. My guess is QE2 is thinking "I'm 90 years old and I still have to put up with this clown?"
The first time Obama met the Queen he bestowed on her an iPod loaded with his speeches. Let's hope he gave her a more appropriate birthday present this time around. A signed photo perhaps?

Obama continues to embarrass the United States overseas and weaken alliances with our oldest partners. Oh well, what harm can come of that?

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