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John Bolton

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Friday, April 22, 2016

War on Women: Dems in Virginia Restore Voting Rights for Rapists and Murderers

And you thought Ted Cruz played hardball? Not even close!

Imagine if Republicans restored the voting rights in a key state to over 200,000 felons including violent rapists and murderers. "GOP War on Women" would be the screaming headline. Press coverage would include the rape victims and family members of murdered women all accusing Republicans of playing politics with the safety of citizens. Democrats do it in Virginia and there's hardly a peep!

In a key state like Virginia where the margin of victory for Obama in 2012 was about 150,000 votes this huge dump of felons onto the voting rolls is a naked attempt to lock down Virginia for Democrats at the expense of law abiding citizens.

It's just another example of the kind of tactics we can expect from Democrats in this election year. Poor old Trump who can't get his supporters to show up at GOP conventions won't know what hit him!

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