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Friday, May 27, 2016

Long Lines, No Service and No Accountability are Obama's Big Government Legacy

And neither Hillary nor Bernie would do one thing to improve the mess!

70,000 passengers missed their flights and 40,000 checked bags didn't make it to their destinations, just on American Airlines alone due to Transportation Security Administration incompetence and the resulting hours long lines American travelers have endured.

But that's not the worst big government outrage. Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald on Monday compared the wait for care at VA facilities to long lines at Disney theme parks. McDonald said: "When you got to Disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? Or what's important? What's important is, what's your satisfaction with the experience?"

To my recollection, no one died waiting to ride Space Mountain. The VA can't make that claim. How many tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of Vets have died waiting for care isn't clear but the problem is.

Meanwhile, the IRS which has plenty of time to demand that members of Tea Party groups reveal the content of their prayers can't find time to answer 60% of the calls that come in asking for clarification of tax issues.

Remember the ObamaCare web site? The list of big government incompetence does on and on and on.

This is Obama's big government legacy. Waiting in line with little hope of getting an answer yet if you don't comply with their rules you might end up in jail. If only government could be more like Disneyland!

Throughout the last eight years the Obama Administration has ignored questions about basic competence in government in their zeal to promote a far left agenda. Writing in the Washington Post Ed Rogers:
Honestly, do you think the White House has spent more time in the past 90 days managing its school bathroom mandate for transgender students or trying figuring out how to make TSA security lines work with adequate efficiency this travel season? The answer is obvious.

Denial is rampant in this administration. Its approach to management is to deny problems exist and to shift focus to one left-wing cause or another. I have no doubt the TSA strategy will be to shift blame, whine about funding shortages and deny that things are as bad as they are. I suspect after a congressional probe, we will actually find that much of the TSA problems in the summer of 2016 were made worse by the Obama administration’s obsession with regulations, grievances and union rules that took precedence over efficiency, customer service and getting a job done.

Again, this is what our government has become under the Democrats: All lecturing and no management. This is what has fueled much of the Trump movement, and it is another reason Hillary Clinton is such a poor fit for the country in 2016. We don’t need a third Obama term. Remember that the next time you are stuck in a security line at an airport.
During the solemnity of the Memorial Day weekend it's appropriate to recall Lincoln's words reminding us that government is supposed to be "by the people, for the people." But Obama and the Democrats seem to ignore that basic tenet. For them it's "by the government, for the government." It's all about transforming America into something like Venezuela. NO THANKS!

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