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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Parallel to China's Cultural Revolution: New Left Fascists Begin Eating Their Own. When Hate Speech Protests Become Hate.

Plus, protesters rush the stage at Bernie Sanders event. He's not sufficiently committed to the(ir) cause!

History teaches us lessons. Sadly, too few learn and this is especially the problem at American universities and other centers of leftist thought. During China's Cultural Revolution the people were taught to act, think and dress alike as one tool to defend communism/socialism from the impurity of "revisionist" capitalism. But where does that stop? In China, even followers of Mao's Revolution might be jailed or executed for not being sufficiently devoted to the cause. Millions died.

Obviously today's left didn't learn the lesson. Their hate police roam universities attacking anyone who is not sufficiently outraged at a slew of mostly imagined offenses. This mindset has now spilled out of the college campus and onto the streets where protesters riot and commit acts of violence all to stamp out what they call "hate." It seems their answer to what they call hate is to hate and it doesn't stop there.

Nina Burleigh, writing at Newsweek (yeah, I guess Newsweek is still around) has a long article on the subject of the hate police which is worth reading if you follow this worrisome phenomenon.

This growing trend of threatening or attacking anyone who doesn't share your view isn't just limited to anti-Trump protesters. Last August Black Lives Matter goons took the microphone away from Bernie Sanders at a Seattle rally while denouncing "white supremacist liberalism."  This weekend Secret Service agents had to jump to protect Sanders as animal rights activists rushed the stage. Bernie isn't sufficiently committed to their cause and hence they feel empowered to put the safety of Sanders and those attending his rally at risk.

The point here is that the Left's hate police don't just hate Trump, they feel empowered to attack anyone, even fellow lefties who they deem not sufficiently pure on issue X,Y or Z. History has shown this path ends misery, tyranny and eventually mass murder. Look at Venezuela today. Does that look like a the "beautiful revolution" that was promised?

Free speech is the cornerstone of protection against these kinds of excesses. Sadly, the "free speech" movement that sprang up at American universities in the 60's has now morphed into the hate speech with which you disagree movement. It's fascism pure and simple yet the dolts who are practicing it don't seem to know or care about the danger.

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