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John Bolton

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Oh, the Feminist's Shame as Hillary Has to Invoke Bill Clinton to Appeal to Voters

And if Bill is so great for handling the economy, where has he been the last eight years?

For anyone who follows the travails of Hillary Clinton with any kind of feminist reverence her latest pronouncement must be a disappointment. Hillary has announced that if she is elected she will put Bill Clinton "in charge of economic revitalization." That's right, the woman who famously said " I'm not sitting here — some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette," now has to call in her man to help her teetering campaign.

And if Bill really has the secret to economic revitalization why hasn't he stepped forward before now? Nearly eight years of the worst economic performance since World War II and Bill has had the answer and been silent?

Perhaps Hillary should stand aside and just let Bill run again!

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