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John Bolton

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Democrats Riot Amongst Themselves in Nevada. The Fascists Are Out of Control!

It's not enough that they attempt to violently disrupt Trump rallies. Now, they are doing it to themselves!

At the Democrat state party convention in Nevada fights broke out, a medic was called for and the police and to shut the event down. Thankfully, no African Americans were killed by police which is what the left thinks is the cop's prime motivation.

Remember when Obama used to lecture the Tea Party on civility because they were angry at his overreach? But the only people who got beat up at Tea Party rallies were black Tea Party members injured by left wing union thugs. Apparently, Obama's call to "argue with them and get in their face" or "if they bring a knife, we bring a gun" is being taken to heart by the minions who make up the radical left in the Democrat Party. And now they are doing it to each other. PRICELESS!

UPDATE: Arch liberal  Sen.l Barbara Boxer Booed while invoking friend of Bernie status. Boxer: "boo me, you are booing Bernie. Let's hear it for Hillary Clinton... Yeah!"

Wow! This unbelievable. When Barbara Boxer gets booed by lefties you know the Dems are in SERIOUS trouble!

UPDATE: Boxer "feared for my safety." Do Dems need a "safe space" to protect from the micro-aggressions from Bernie bots?

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