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John Bolton

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Washington Post Assigns Army of Reporters to Dig Dirt on Trump. On Hillary and Obama, Not So Much Interest

If only they have investigated Obama to the degree they do Republican nominees America might have been spared the embarrassment of the last eight years!

20 reporters at the Washington Post to dig dirt on Trump! How many do you suppose the Post assigned to look into Benghazi or Hillary's emails? And what about Obama? There was only ONE mainstream news mention of his close ties to radical left wing terrorist Bill Ayers. It's like it never even happened.

The Post went after Mitt Romney with stories about what he did in high school. But they won't dig deep on the real problems of the adult Hillary Clinton or Obama. 

Trump has enjoyed a huge free media advantage. That's about to change and it won't be pretty!

UPDATE: NY Times first out of the gate with front page hit piece! In a piece titled "Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private" the Times went back DECADES to try and string together a narrative suggesting Trump is a pig where women are concerned. Note that at least one of the women featured gave an interview to CNN in which she said the Times article was a pack of lies and that none of it was true.

Oh, and by comparison the NY Times DID run a front page article about Obama and the terrorist Bill Ayers "Obama and ’60s Bomber: A Look Into Crossed Paths." Nothing to see with Obama and Ayers but "crossed paths" and "sporadic" encounters. A total whitewash of the real relationship. Note the contrast, total smear piece on Trump, attempt to whitewash the truth about Obama and Bill Ayers!

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