John Bolton

John Bolton

Monday, July 25, 2016

Democrats "Build Walls, Not Bridges" to Protect Philadelphia Convention Site

But they don't want the American people to have the same protection they do!

You know how they attack Trump for his vow to build a wall on the border? They sure don't have a problem using walls and fences to protect themselves.

They're calling it the "Bernie Barrier." Keep those crazy commies OUT,
unless they are major donors to Hillary's campaign!
More examples from the Democrat convention site here.

It's just like gun control. They want to make it harder for Americans to get guns to protect themselves, meanwhile they are surrounded by an army of gun wielding federal agents protecting them!

Oh, and  they keep telling us it's racist to ask people to show ID to vote but how many pieces of identification do you have to show to get into their convention?

Democrats prove once again that the rules they dictate for the rest of us do not apply to them!

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