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John Bolton

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Jihadi Refugee in Germany Wounds 12 in Bomb Attack. Fourth Attack Involving Immigrants in As Many Days

UPDATE: Priest in France butchered in church by having his throat cut. Details still coming in. Check here for updates. How long will some like Obama continue to pretend we are safe?

Q. What fool would EVER want to risk bringing these refugees to the U.S.?

A. Obama and Hillary!

The situation is out of control in Germany with attacks nearly every day. The latest, a jihadi Syrian refugee bomber at a music festival. Earlier, a pregnant woman hacked to death by a Syrian weilding a machete, the McDonald's mall shooter and the axe murderer on the train. They may not all be jihadi attacks but the killers are ALL immigrants, refugees and MUSLIM!

Obama has "spiked" the number of Syrian refugees earlier this summer. Now, Hillary Clinton wants to blow the lid off and let in tens of thousands more.


France is a war zone. Germany is enduring almost daily attacks. Sweden is the rape capital of the West and it's all because of a mass influx of refugees. Why would any sane person want to risk that in the U.S.?

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