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Sunday, July 03, 2016

ISIS Death Toll Mounts as Three US College Students Among Dead in Bangladesh Attack

Hundreds killed in the past few weeks but Obama doesn't think Islam is to blame and his Administration still says "Right wing extremists" pose greater danger!

After the night club attack in Orlando Obama and his minions descended to blame the gun, not the shooter. Nothing to do with radical Islam! After that attack where 49 Americans died ISIS bombers at the airport in Turkey killed 42. Then there was the bombing in Baghdad which killed 125. Finally, three U.S. college students, one of whom was an American citizen were among those HACKED TO DEATH in Bangladesh by Islamic radicals who killed anyone who could not recite verses from the Koran.

Hacked to death by Islamic radicals. How is gun control going to stop this?
Here's a pixelated photo from the scene. No one should die like this:

What Obama called the "JV team" that could be defeated by telling them they "are not strong, they are weak" or his Attorney General who suggested in the wake Orlando massacre that love is the answer and threatens to prosecute those who defame Islam are looking more and more absurd as the death toll mounts.

There is a cancer spreading across the globe and it's victims grow more numerous with each passing week. Meanwhile, the doctors are still pretending an aspirin will cure us!

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