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John Bolton

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Priest Beheaded in French Church by ISIS Attackers

Meanwhile, Obama continues to insist that the world is safer under his leadership!

Father Jacques Hamel, 84,  murdered at the altar by ISIS terrorists in France.
Father Hamel was forced to his knees before being beheaded. A nun was also critically injured.

No More Memorials!

Just as has happened following other recent attacks the usual public reaction is to light candles and lay flowers. ENOUGH! ISIS doesn't care about your memorials or your hashtags. What's needed is ACTION. Obviously the threat is growing. How many more times will we witness such scenes before leaders unite to do what is necessary to stop it?

P.S. Muslim Gang Threatens Pool Goers in Germany. Rape of 79 Year Old Woman

A gang of six refugees entered a public nudist pool in Germany and threatened to kill everyone. Welcome to shariah hell!

79 year old woman raped in a German cemetery by African refugee while visiting her sister's grave.

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