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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Politically Motivated Prosecution of Baltimore Cops Comes Up Empty as 3 Aquitted and Remaining Charges Against 3 Others Dropped

Prosecutor who sought to appease the mob should be disbarred!

So the sad story of the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore comes to a close. After bombing out 3-0 in trials against the first three of six Baltimore police officers the prosecutor has dropped charges against the remaining three.

It's a prosecution that was a political witch hunt from the get go fueled by a prosecutor who was more interested in politics than justice or law. There is a move that she should be disbarred.

Not that the lack of any substantive evidence to link police to Freddie Gray's death will stop the race hustlers who profit on such unfortunate circumstances. There's too much money and power at stake for that to happen.

Meanwhile, the funeral of Montrell Jackson was held recently in Baton Rouge. The officer, who is black, was gunned down by an assassin fueled by the lies of Black Lives Matter. Apparently Jackson's life didn't matter.

Montrell Jackson killed by shooter fueled by Black Lives Matter hate.
Pictured here holding his son.
Jackson left a message before he was killed. Too bad Black Lives Matter didn't read it:

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