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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What Bill Clinton Left Out of His Speech for Hillary on Tuesday

Monica's blue dress with "stain."
His memory must be getting a big hazy!

If you heard Bill Clinton's speech at the Dems convention in Philly last night you might think he married Mother Teresa. And what immediately springs to mind is why would Bill cheat on a woman who he describes as a near saint?

However you want to look at it Bill's speech was yet another effort to introduce Hillary to the American people. This must be the 4th or 5th time her campaign has sought to do this. Surely by now anyone who has been paying attention knows exactly who and what Hillary Clinton is.

I even had my own personal moment with Bill and Hill showed me exactly who she was.

But there was Bill trying one more time to make us all forget the past. It didn't work.

Bill left quite a bit out of his speech. No mention of the criminal investigation about her email or the cascade of one lie after another she told about that scandal. No mention either of the other scandals where Hillary used similar techniques of denial and deflection to shield her from accountability.

But in what is likely to be one of the last mainstream media efforts to vet Hillary, the Washington Post published a look back at the famous Whitewater scandal.

Hillary told one lie after another and got away with it all.
As in the email controversy of today, Clinton’s honesty was a central question facing investigators in 1998 as they weighed whether what they saw as shifting stories from Clinton amounted to an attempt to cover up misconduct. Like the events of today, Clinton was interviewed for hours by authorities.
[A prosecutor remarked:]“This case was, for me, decided on factors external to guilt or innocence,” he said. “I think this case would have had a great chance of a sustained conviction if presented to 12 random people, about someone other than Mrs. Clinton. But that’s an impossible hypothetical.”
Memo from the Special Prosecutor's office investigating Hillary Clinton's role in Whitewater.

WaPo: Hillary Clinton, the first lady at the time, stops to talk to reporters in January 1996 before testifying in front of a grand jury in the Whitewater investigation. (Susan Biddle/The Washington Post)

Yes Hillary, we KNOW who you are and your desperate attempt to alter history won't help with those who are paying attention!

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