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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Chicago Environmental Group Shows Politics Trumps Environment By Approving Obama Library Plan to Bulldoze Park

Yet the same group fought and won against plan for museum in an empty parking lot!

If George Lucas had been a heavy weight Democrat instead of one of the world's greatest filmmakers he might have gotten permission to build his Museum of Narrative Art on what is currently a large empty parking lot only used during football season.

But in that case a small, vocal group of environmentalists called Friends of the Parks took the issue to court and eventually forced Lucas to withdraw. Imagine that. An environmental group actually prefers a black asphalt parking lot to landscaped gardens and a museum.

Their tactics are the same modus operandi that environmental groups use nationwide. Tie the potential project, no matter what it is, up in so many legal hurdles it becomes a nightmare.

Except of course when President Obama wants to bulldoze trees and grass in an actual park, not a parking lot and build his presidential library. Friends of the Parks is reported to be "thrilled" that Obama will build his library in what was Jackson Park on Chicago's South Side.

More proof, not that any were needed, that today's environmental movement is more about politics than about saving the planet, or the parks!

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