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John Bolton

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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

America's Middle Class and Poor Pay the Price for Obama's Record Weak Recovery. Worst Economic Record Since World War II

Obama's economic, tax, energy, regulatory policies have made the rich richer at the expense of everyone else!

Latest numbers on the economy show a "disappointing" weak growth of just 1.2%. Obama is now the only President never to have an economic growth rate higher than 2%. It's the worst economic recovery since 1949.

The Obama recovery is $2.2 TRILLION less than the average recovery in the chart above. The figure translates to $17,000 per household. That's money you and your family didn't get from new jobs and pay increases.

It's no wonder that America's middle class is in decline along with median household income.

Trillions for Obama's Rich Friends

Meanwhile, Obama has been very generous to his rich friends. As a direct result of his monetary policy the big banks and Wall Street have made out like bandits. The richest 1% have gotten even richer. $4.5 TRILLION has gone to support them. The biggest transfer of wealth in history has gone from Obama to the rich.

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