John Bolton

John Bolton

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Clinton Corruption: State Dept. Spox Reveals How the Coverup Works

Just pretend you didn't hear the question and ignore all calls for an investigation!

We learned Wednesday that the FBI was NOT investigating Clinton Foundation corruption because the Justice Department refused FBI requests to proceed.

In line with that clearly political decision to protect the Democrat nominee it's no surprise that the State Department doesn't seem to care whether their integrity was also compromised. Witness this exchange:

A direct question which asks whether favors were done for a billionaire donor to the Clinton Foundation was answered with some bureaucratic gobbledegook about how the State Department listens to lots of people.

Matt Lee, reporter for the Associated Press has heard this tune before. He pressed for clarification saying "Can you at least try to answer Abigail’s question which was, has the department looked into this and determined that there was no impropriety?" The response was more of the same....

Lee responded "I’m sorry. Am I not speaking English?"

The corruption and the web of lies surrounding the Clintons reaches deep into the heart of government. She's the last person that should be trusted with the Oval Office!

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