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Friday, September 23, 2016

All Politics: Charlotte Protests w/ Largely Out of State Arrests. Hillary Backers Funding. Compare to Oklahoma

Hillary has to get the black vote to win in North Carolina. She can't win in Oklahoma, hence, quiet protests!

UPDATE: Dead man's fingerprints, DNA and blood found on gun at the scene. But don't expect the protesters to care. They accepted and spread the lie that he was unarmed just as they have after other shootings.

North Carolina is one of Hillary Clinton's firewall states in the upcoming presidential election. Obama won the state in 2008 and narrowly lost in 2012. If Hillary can pull the state safely into her column then it's unlikely Trump could assemble the electoral vote total needed to win nationwide. She's currently behind by less than two points in the Real Clear Politics average. With the Democrat's  superior get out the vote ground game she's got a real shot.

Any event in that state which supports her effort is a good thing. Nothing better than racial unrest to gin up anger in the black community that she can tap. After all, she can't run on the Obama/Clinton economic record in the black community. Fear and anger is all she's got!

Keith Lamont Scott (left) shot and killed by Charlotte Police Officer Brently Vinson an exemplary
officer whose father was also a policeman with Charlotte. Vinson is one of the good guys.
Here he is giving ice cream to children in July.
It didn't matter that the cop who shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott is black. It didn't matter that Scott had a long arrest record for using guns in the commission of a crime. Scott was also arrested for assaulting a 12 year old child. So much for Dem's claim to protect children and concern over use of firearms.

Once again, protesters pushed facts aside and turned the shooting into a racial issue. Protesters carried signs accusing whites of complicity for not speaking out. Claims of white racism was a common theme among the protesters.

And curiously enough, the protests which started Tuesday in the neighborhood in which Scott was killed moved several miles away to the downtown section of Charlotte that had no connection to the shooting. But it's where the money and the media are.

70% of those arrested were out of state!

Just like Ferguson, Missouri where violent rabble-rousers were bused in funded by shadowy left wing billionaire George Soros, a Clinton supporter 70% of those arrested in at protests in Charlotte had out of state IDs.

Curiously, the protests in Oklahoma, where a black man was shot and killed by a white cop have been largely peaceful and quiet. No political gain to be had in that state which will vote overwhelmingly for Trump in the fall.

Once again a tragic circumstance is being used by the left to advance a political agenda. It doesn't even matter that racism was not an issue here. They know the big lie they tell will carry the day!

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