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Monday, September 26, 2016

Mike's Debate Prediction: Media Will Declare Hillary Winner if She Manages to Stand and Not Cough Uncontrollably

Her answers won't matter. The media expects her to lie and doesn't care!

Smaller podium Hillary will use may leave Hillary looking diminished next to Trump but none of that will matter if she is actually able to stand without passing out or coughing during 90 minute debate.

Debate podiums being prepared for Monday's first presidential debate.
Expect the same media that marveled over Trump in early primary process to turn on him with a vengeance. No one disses the media's queen and gets away with it!

UPDATE: Hillary Won Debate with Moderator Help

Giving Hillary a pat on the back after the debate.  More at Daily Mail.
When the transcript is released we can count the number of times that the moderator Lester Holt, of NBC News interrupted Trump and asked him pointed questions about his taxes, stop and frisk and the whole range of issues. Hillary got few interruptions, only one question about her email and nothing about Benghazi, pay to play with the Clinton Foundation or anything that might remotely be embarrassing to Hillary or difficult for her campaign. Twitter users are calling Holt the "third debater."

When people say the fix is in with these kinds of events, this is what they mean.

I would credit Hillary with being better prepared and able to keep Trump on defense but without the willing assistance of the moderator that effort would not have succeeded!

UPDATE: Trump's Missed Opportunity

A few points of further reflection the following day:

There is no doubt Trump left ammunition on the table. Hillary and the moderator had an easy time changing the subject to Trump and his ego took the bait. What's more important? Trump's tax returns or the hundreds of thousands of dead Syrian, Iraqi and Americans who have been slaughtered as a result of Hillary's foreign policy failures?

Why was Trump challenged on his stance regarding the Iraq war but Hillary Clinton, who as a U.S. Senator VOTED FOR the war got a pass?

What's more important: a minor issue of a Trump corporate bankruptcy or the economic failure of the Obama/Clinton years affecting millions of Americans?

Why were there no questions on Benghazi or the Clinton Foundation pay for play scandal?

Clearly, Lester Holt, the most biased moderator of a presidential debate in recent memory, wasn't going to ask these questions. It was up to Trump to insert them into the discussion and he failed to do it because he found himself on defense.

Trump missed a vital opportunity to reach millions of Americans who may only now be tuning into presidential politics. That opportunity may not come again!

It was two against one on Monday as Moderator Holt clearly worked to help Hillary!

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