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John Bolton

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Friday, September 02, 2016

Tropical Storm Hermine Brought Much Needed Rain to Mike's America

Al Gore's inconvenient LIE!
Note to Al Gore: Hurricanes are NOT more numerous and intense!

Ever since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita ravaged Florida and the Gulf Coasts in 2005 Al Gore and the Sky is Falling global warming scaremongers have been trying to convince people the end is near unless we drastically curtail CO2 emissions worldwide.


Also since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita we have seen a record LOW in the number and intensity of hurricane activity WORLDWIDE!

It's the first hurricane to make landfall in Florida in 11 years and was only a tropical storm by the time it came knocking on my door this morning.

But Hermine, the eye of which passed just to the west of Mike's America Friday afternoon, did bring some much needed rain. There were some area reports of wind damage and minor flooding and a few hours without power in the early morning. Nothing more.

Someone please tell Al Gore he and his alarmist buddies can come in off the ledge. I'm going to go out and start burning some fossil fuels!

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