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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

What's Wrong with Hillary Clinton? Series of Coughing Fits Raises New Questions About Health and Competence

Is it any wonder she has so few public events?

People have started to notice there's something odd about Hillary Clinton. No, I'm not just talking about her propensity to lie whenever she's asked a question, but about her basic fitness for the office of President.

When you look at a schedule of her events you see very few public appearances. Sure, lots of surrogates, but it looks like Hillary is hiding. However, even the New York Times noticed that she does show up for fundraisers.

Can it be that she has so few public appearances because when she does, she so often has coughing fits (video montage)? It happened again on Labor Day in Ohio where she was barely able to continue after repeated bouts of coughing.

Are years of choking on the truth catching up with Hillary?
Hillary's health problems took on new meaning after the FBI released notes on the interview regarding her email trouble when she cited the concusssion she suffered in 2012 and claimed 26 times she did not recall key facts surrounding the scandal.

Something is seriously wrong with Hillary. What will happen if she goes into a coughing spasm during the debates with Trump?

UPDATE: The reason Hillary won't release transcripts of speeches to Goldman Sachs? She coughs and sputters through the whole thing! Joke.

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