Monday, November 28, 2016

Dems May Regret Aligning with Green Party for Recount

By boosting Green Party image and fundraising they only draw votes from Dems in future!

Let's face it, the Green Party in the U.S. will NEVER win an election for any office bigger than dog catcher in some left wing commune. Their demand for a recount in a handful of states is nothing more than a publicity and fundraising ploy. They can't possibly win.

But they are raking in the cash and like every big government socialist they always want more, more more. They're never satisfied.

First the Greenies said they wanted this:

And as the money which poured in exceeded their expectations they demanded this:

They admit that perhaps not ALL the money will be spent on the recount... What a surprise.

If the idiots who are rioting in the streets are so stupid to give the Green Party money for a recount they can't win and for much more than it would actually cost then they have no one to blame but themselves for their inability to be effective participants in the political process. The Green Party is making fools of them and the Dems too!

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