Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Instant Response to OSU Terror Attack from Dem VP & Others Was to Blame Gun and White Cop. Race/Guns but Blind to Terror

Aren't you glad the adults will soon be back in charge?

Funny how the terror attack by a Somali REFUGEE at Ohio State using a car and a knife led failed Dem vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine to assume it was a gun crime:
Kaine wasn't the only gun grabber jumping the gun (so to speak):
It's like they have this stuff all ready to go whenever something big happens. It doesn't matter much if they get it WRONG.
No wonder we aren't winning the war on terror with this bunch in charge the last eight years!

Not just the gun grabbers getting into the act. The racebaiters were all set to launch too:
A black man starts attacking people and somehow it's racist for the cop to shoot him?

We didn't see Black Lies Matter out there saving lives did we?

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