John Bolton

John Bolton

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Liberals Who Laughed at Idea of President Trump Have Obama to Thank

Keep on laughing at the sore losers of the left. They deserve it. They brought it on themselves!

A new video features all the left wingers calling Trump names, insisting he could never win but begging him to run anyway. It's a great reminder of just how arrogant and out of touch they are with REAL AMERICA!

The clip I like best is this one:

Obama: At least I will be a President!

The irony is that we can thank Obama for Trump's election and GOP domination across the board. Without Obama's arrogance in office, jamming through his hard left agenda over the wishes of the GOP minority, later majority, Obama made the Tea Party and Trump possible. Thanks Obama!

It's not just that Trump won the White House or that the GOP retained control of both houses of Congress. The GOP extended it's control in state government as well. It's now at the highest point in more than 90 years. If the GOP wins control of one more state legislature they can approve amendments to the U.S. Constitution with no opposition!

P.S. Whatever happened to Nancy Pelosi's giant gavel? We might need it when we repeal ObamaCare!
Who is laughing now Nancy???? WE ARE!!!

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