John Bolton

John Bolton

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Anti Trump Protesters Block Ambulance. Father of Four Year Old Girl Dies

This isn't legitimate protest. This is chaos and these people should be charged with MURDER!

Anti-Trump protesters block an ambulance with deadly results. 

From the Paramedics Facebook:

Black Lives Matter and anti-Trump protesters have made a point of blocking highways across the country. In most of these protests it infringes the rights of other Americans who are trying to get to work on time or home to their families. But now, these protesters put their right to be heard above that of a citizen needing urgent medical care.

These protesters should be arrested and charged with MURDER!

Hillary Supporter Needs Ambulance: Good Luck Honey!

Watch this meltdown:

These people are unhinged. Worst thing is, so many of these protesters didn't even bother to vote!

I'm going to put this video up here again. In your face you idiot anti-Trump protesters:

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