John Bolton

John Bolton

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trump Victory "Racist?" Thank Blacks, Hispanics and Former Obama Voters for Trump Win!

We have much to be grateful to Obama for this Thanksgiving. He not only enabled the rise of Trump by his overreach but his former voters, including blacks and Hispanics put Trump over the top!

Don't you love all those professionally printed signs these supposedly spontaneous anti-Trump protesters trotted out the day after the election? Of course it's no secret that much of the anti-Trump protests are nothing more than rent-a-mobs offering to PAY protesters (1,2,3)

Isn't it typical how they throw around the Trump=racist charge without a shred of proof?

But forget all that. These people have shown they are irrelevant cry babies. They don't deserve our consideration. Especially when you consider that Trump did better with blacks, Hispanics and Asians than Romney did in 2012.

Whitelash? RUBBISH!

Whites voted for Trump by only 1% more than Romney in 2012 yet so many talking head apologists for Democrats insisted that it was racist whites who put Trump over the top. As usual, FACTS do not support their conclusions:
Whites fueled Trump victory? Not according to exit poll analysis from
the Washington Post. Trump win made possible by minorities!
 Map: Trump beat Romney's vote in 2012

Notice the cluster centered on the Great Lakes region. That's what an electoral shift looks like and if Trump holds that he can't be beat if he runs for re-election.

The real story: Where Trump took Obama counties!

Even more impressive than Trump's increase over Romney's 2012 vote is his win in counties that Obama previously won:

One more time. For all the racebaiters still hating on Trump, the words of Henry Davis:

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