Monday, November 28, 2016

Media Denounce Trump for "No Evidence" of Illegals Voting Yet Don't Apply Same Standard to Left's Demand for Recount!

If the left wants to engage in a pointless recount perhaps we ought to include inspection for voting by non citizens?

The mainstream news media jumped all over President-Elect Trump for suggesting that three million illegal aliens voted in November's presidential election. They can't prove Trump is wrong, but insist there is "no evidence" to support his claim. Remember now, this is the same media that jumped all over Trump when he said he would have to wait until after the election before accepting the result but don't seem to notice as Hillary Clinton refuses to do the same.

And of course there is PLENTY of evidence that non citizens, do vote(1,2). But never mind that.

The left, including Hillary Clinton, wants to engage in a pointless recount in a handful of states where Trump won by a slim margin. OK, then let's recount the states where Hillary won by a slim margin. While we are at it let's examine the voter eligibility of those voters. How many illegals does it take to swing a state to Hillary? Didn't Hillary's campaign manager give a wink and a nod to illegal voting when he was caught in emails saying all it takes is a driver's license and a declaration you are a citizen?

So much for the media/left's outrage when Trump refused to say he would accept election results. Now the shoe is on the other foot and the same folks who denounced Trump are guilty of far more!

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