Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Remember This? Will Schools Be Programming Students to Praise Trump Like They Did with Obama?

This video is a reminder of just how far the left will go to abuse their position for the sake of power. It's almost as big a joke as Obama's Nobel Peace Prize!

After Obama was inaugurated in 2009 there was a slew of videos showing school children being programmed to sing his praises.  There was one bunch of poor kids taught to say such drivel as "Hello, Mr. President we honor you today! For all your great accomplishments, we all doth say horay!"

Then there was this bunch in North Carolina that has been a popular video on the Mike's America You Tube Channel. It has over 76,000 views so might be time to dust if off again as we think about how differently Trump will be treated by the same bunch that created nonsense like this:

How to turn children into the kind of screaming fools we see today protesting Trump!

Children chanting "Change has come. Change has come. Hope!" This was followed by the query: "Can I make America better?" Gee, with the meltdown these folks had with Trump's "Make America Great Again" you think they might be more careful.

After more inanity like "uniting blacks and whites. Being both Obama cannot take sides," the propagandists behind this outrage revealed the key by having the children chant "education is the key, education is the secret." It's the tool these left wing abusers of children have used these past 7 years to try and brainwash the young.

And it almost worked.

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