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Friday, November 04, 2016

National Polling Update: Is Hillary Recovering from FBI Bombshell?

It's the worst possible time for Trump momentum to be blunted!

Trump took a huge hit after the first two debates and the phony bimbo barrage Hillary Clinton manufactured with her media allies. He began recovering from a significant deficit in the week before the FBI Director revealed the investigation into Hillary's email scandal was re-opened.

Last week's bombshell knocked Hillary's smear machine off line. But it appears that in the last half of this week, she has blunted Trump's momentum. If this continues, with her already large advantage in the electoral college and superior ground game organization in key states the chances for Trump, which were already slim, were made more difficult.

I'll update state by state polling soon. Here's a look at national polling:

Updated on Saturday, November 5

From Real Clear Politics:

Individual polls making up the above average show how close the race is.

The IBD TIPP Poll, one of the highest rated, has this trend:

ABC/Washington Post. Notice Hillary's recovery:

The LA Times tracking poll with suspect methodology:

Other polls continue to show Hillary with a slight lead.

Stay tuned for polling summary in key states. There has been movement in Trump's direction but it's still an uphill climb!

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