John Bolton

John Bolton

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Video: Mike's America Shouts to President Reagan in the Rose Garden. Let's "Win One More for the Gipper" Again!

Do it for Reagan!

I've told the story before about the morning after the 1988 presidential election where George H.W. Bush was elected and President Reagan asked the White House staff to gather in the Rose Garden to thank them for their efforts to win that campaign. As a member of the Political Office I was proud of our accomplishment and recalled how often on the campaign trail that year President Reagan had implored voters to "win one more for the Gipper" a reference to Reagan's famous line from the movie Knute Rockne All American (original video clip here).

As the President turned to go into the Oval Office yours truly chimes up and shouts "that was one for the Gipper." The entire video is a slice of history but if you want to cue to the 2:40 mark feel free to do so:

Reagan not so sure he liked being interrupted. But then.... see for yourself!
At first the President appeared a bit taken aback that a member of his staff had done a shout out. In the past, only Sam Donaldson, a reporter for ABC News would ever dare. But the smile that followed and the Gipper story was worth the risk!

Remember President Reagan next Tuesday and let's WIN ONE MORE FOR THE GIPPER!

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