Monday, December 12, 2016

Obama Stonewalled Multiple Investigations Now Demands Expedited Review of Russian Election Tampering

Apparently he CAN get tough investigations completed when he WANTS to!

The Obama Administration, which dragged it's feet on investigations of the Department of Justice over the Fast and Furious gun scandal, Benghazi, IRS targeting of the Tea Party and Hillary's emails is about to do a quickie to investigate election tampering going back eight years in less than six weeks.

That was the news Friday from the White House.

They stonewalled months and even years on the scandals mentioned above but somehow think they can get to the bottom of this latest charge is just a few weeks. Does something smell here?

You bet it does. It's a transparent attempt to add to the caterwauling by the left to de-legitimize Trump's election by suggesting the Russians tampered with the result.

Even though Obama's spokesman admits this review will "contain highly sensitive and even classified information," They will rush out the conclusions before Obama leaves office. Quite the contrast with release of Hillary's emails in which 1. it was denied there was any classified information and 2. Emails had to be released slowly to avoid releasing the same classified information they claimed did not exist.

And just as Obama prejudged the conclusion of the FBI investigation of Hillary's emails he has already suggested that Russian tampering may have been a factor in the election. No doubt his sycophants in agencies Obama has previously corrupted will take note. It's not like they haven't doctored intelligence before to suit Obama's political narrative now is it?

Trump has bent over backwards to show deference and respect to Obama. But how long will that last if Obama continues to undermine Trump's legitimacy? Can we say PAY BACK TIME!!!

P.S. If the Obama Administration claims Russian hacking goes back to the 2008 campaign why wait until six weeks before leaving office to investigate? Multiple allegations of Russian hacking have been made over the years without the Obama Administration raising any level of concern. For that matter, they failed to take any concrete steps when Russia invaded Ukraine. This latest fracas is a transparent FARCE!

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