Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Trump Snags $50 Billion and 50,000 Jobs from Japanese Investor Because HE Won!

Would not have made the investment if Hillary had been elected!

In the wake of the Carrier decision to maintain over 1,000 mostly union jobs in Indiana, jobs Obama said were lost for good unless you had a "magic wand," Trump announced this week that a major Japanese technology firm was investing $50 billion in the United States on projects creating 50,000 new jobs. Trump also announced that he was informed that this investment would not have happened if Hillary had won.

These are just two examples of the potential for a major economic boom in the United States if Trump is successful in lifting the heavy regulatory burden and other disincentives that Obama added to the U.S. economy these past eight years. While chasing the fantasy of "green jobs" that never materialized, particularly after the companies received generous federal loans and went bankrupt but managed to enrich Obama contributors, real business took a huge hit.

All that may be about to change. The Stock Market is racing towards the unprecedented 20,000 mark of the Dow Jones Index. Those in the know see the potential for the American economy which has had the federal government's boot on it's throat the last eight years.

One question: After the boom emerges in full glory will the Trump haters take back their baseless attacks and admit they were wrong? Or will they simply shift gears and launch some new propaganda campaign to fool what few people are left who will listen?

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